Digital Twin: A model to rely on

With each passing minute, technology is taking over the real world. Today we can see everything is going digital. A new technology, Digital Twin is entering the scenario. Digital Twin is a new technology which creates a virtual or e-replica of a physical and tangible item or you can say product. This product could be anything from a hospital to an office administration. The technology involves collecting real world data and storing it in a way where it can be accessed easily to estimate the impracticality in decision making. It uses machine learning; artificial intelligence; virtual reality and other components of IoT to create the real world’s data based models. Such models are also referred to as ‘Digital Avatars’. The technology has been in used in various fields from Hospitals to Commercial Estate. The technology is an ace in predicting the best and the most appropriate decisions in dilemmas based on the algorithms and 3D models. The change in the components of the models is parallel to the change in the physical components in the physical world. This technique of simulation is benefiting the administrators in keeping the things in order and predicting the best way out.
Digital Twin in different fields:
Automotive Industry- The automotive field uses Digital twin technology to incorporate the intelligent functions which are a necessity in today’s world. The two most active automotive companies which are busy utilizing this technique are Volkswagen and Tesla. Tesla is an active player in this field for it creates a digital copy of each electric car it creates. Producing a digital copy for an automotive model assures better manipulation and authority over the product to suit the needs of the customers.
Health Care Industry- The technology is being used in the health care industry for the last few years. The digital replica of a hospital’s administration is of utter help. Since the environment of a hospital is sensitive and needs immediate attention, the technology takes care of the shortages in beds, operation theatres supervision, managing schedules of the medical staff and other related fields. The virtual model can be looked up to when there is a hustle and disorientation in the physical world.
Commercial Estate Industry- Commercial estate industry has been using the technology to have a better management of office buildings. Digital model of a commercial building can help to figure out the fault in the air conditioning system, electricity defects, and elevator machinery improprieties. As a commercial building contributes a lot in a country’s development, it becomes a necessity to keep the disturbances at bay and bring digital model into the battle field.
Manufacturing Industry- Manufacturing industry is too becoming a fan of the technology. That is because it saves the time to apply the changes in the physical which may result in disappointment if the outcomes do not turn out to be in the manufacturer’s favour. Instead of applying the idea on a physical product it is far better to apply it on a virtual model. This saves time, cost, energy and confusion also.

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